Obama "Fast Tracks" Offshore Outsourcing

Remember all of that rhetoric on the campaign trail about outsourcing and trade agreements?

Guess what the Obama administration is doing? Fast Tracking Trade with the most common landing place for your job, India.

The United States has announced a new programme to fast-track high-technology trade with India from which General Electric's India division will be the first Indian company to benefit.

"This is an important step in enabling a more rapid and efficient flow of sensitive technology between India and the United States," US Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke announced at the US-India Business Council's 34th Anniversary "Synergies Summit" Wednesday.

"This is an important step in enabling a more rapid and efficient flow of sensitive technology between India and the United States," Locke said.

"It also is a significant effort to build trust between the United States and India. We're looking forward to reciprocal actions from our partner," he said encouraging other Indian firms also to take advantage of the programme.

It gets worse! They are doing this to offshore outsource security sensitive jobs! First up in that notorious outsourcer, General Electric. They have fast tracked General Electric moving sensitive, read national security jobs, to India!

Under the programme, the General Electric unit will be designated a "validated end user," allowing it to more easily import technologies for security-sensitive industries such as civilian aircraft and explosive detection.

They are not going to require a license and the most absurd thing is U.S. outsourcer in chief Commerce Secretary Locke quoted the already bad trade deficit with India in this announcement. So obviously he's like to make the trade deficit worse.

You know which other country they have done this with? China, the worst trade deficit of them all.

Just yesterday, in front of Indian offfshore outsourcing companies, Hillary Clinton said the United States needs a dramatic expansion of trade with India.

Again, this is not trade, this is labor arbitrage. That is the entire business model of offshore outsourcing, to displace workers in one country with cheaper workers in another.

Don't let them fool you either, they are offshore outsourcing the jobs. Calling it trade is just to mask the fact these are American jobs being moved to India....by our government.

We have stimulus jobs being offshore outsourced, not targeting states which need the jobs the most and putting the United States in a terrible deficit.

So, instead of creating jobs in the United States, corporate our government is moving as fast as they can....to offshore outsource more of them.

Here is the press release.

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This is really too bad. Yes we can't I guess.