Pleading with Obama for a Manufacturing and Industrial Incentive Policy

Leo Hindery, Jr., Leo W. Gerard and Sen. Don Riegle exclaim, It's all about the Jobs!

Our national goals, in the medium term, must be to near fully employ those 30 million currently unemployed American workers, and in the process to more than double the number of Americans working in manufacturing, which is the least amount needed to get our economy back on track sustainably.

It's all about jobs -- whatever it takes!

I will reprint their main policy recommendations, all topics we've covered here.

  • Fund a 10-year (not the current two-year) program of significant public investment to upgrade and rebuild our nation's infrastructure, which will provide the much-needed foundation for higher-value added production and advanced business services.

VAT or Value Added Tax is Getting a Look in D.C.

The Washington Post is covering the VAT or value added tax and suggesting the concept is gaining support in Congress. Unfortunately WaPo characterizes this tax completely incorrectly as a national sales tax. It's not frankly, it is a legal method by which to address the trade deficit.

Fortunately Trade Reform has a better understanding of what a VAT really is: