Possible Bernanke Smoking Gun on AIG Bail out

The Huffington Post is reporting there is a potential smoking gun on Bernanke.

Bernanke overruled his staff advising him to not bail out AIG.

A Republican senator said Tuesday that documents showing Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernake covered up the fact that his staff recommended he not bailout AIG are being kept from the public. And a House Republican charged that a whistleblower had alerted Congress to specific documents provide "troubling details" of Bernanke's role in the AIG bailout.

Below is the CNBC interview with Sen. Bunning (R-KY):


Highly unusual for me to agree with a Republican but this new information should assuredly be proved true or false before reconfirmation and do not forget the Fed's refusal to say who received $2 trillion in loans or their efforts to kill the Consumer Financial Protection Agency.

The hits are coming fast and furious in the blogs this evening, which is very good. People are starting to pay attention here to the stuff that matters.

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